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A Success Story of Epic Proportions!!

July 31st, 2013 tkrao No comments

Dear Col. Rao,

Oil pulling, I must say, is an amazing therapy.

I’ve always been prone to seasonal sicknesses – four times a year – corresponding to the change of our seasons. Flu and fever, Acute Pharyngitis, wheezing (I’m eosinophilic, especially in Bangalore) with a vicious cold, which could last for months. Headaches, stuffy nose, acute discomfort leading to antibiotics, paracetamol and other medication. Just giving me adequate relief to continue to function, without reporting sick (not easy in the Army!!). A cycle, I’d expected would continue throughout my life. I’d resigned myself to it. Since I’d been prone to it for the last 40 years.

All this changed with Oil Pulling……on 01 July 2009, on an email from a former CO, Brig MS Oberoi, I started Oil Pulling. 15 minutes a session, twice a day for all these four years now (to the day) and since that fateful day, I’ve never fallen sick. No flu, no fever, no viral, no cough and cold, no wheezing for Four years. I haven’t taken a single tablet all this time.

Its nothing short of miraculous!!!!

Do spread the word. Kudos to Dr. Karrach and to you.

Brig Ajit Nair (Retired)

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Take the Oil Pulling Survey

January 8th, 2010 tkrao No comments

We would like to do a survey of all the folks doing Oil Pulling. So, whether you have had a good experience or not, please take the time to fill out the survey.

We’ll be compiling all the data and publishing the results weekly. If you would like to remain anonymous, just leave your name and email empty when submitting the survey.


Oil Pulling Survey

[All questions are optional]

Where did you first hear about Oil Pulling (If your choice is not listed, please specify in the text box)?

What was the main reason for starting Oil Pulling (If your choice is not listed, please specify in the text box)?

How long have you been doing Oil Pulling?

How many times a day do you practice Oil Pulling?

When do you practice Oil Pulling? (Select all that apply)

What oil do you use for Oil Pulling (If your choice is not listed, please specify in the text box)?

Did you change the type of Oil used in between (If yes, please specify the oil you started with, the oil you changed to and your experience with each in the text box)?

How long are you doing Oil Pulling for each time?

What else are you doing while doing Oil Pulling (If your choice is not listed, please specify in the text box)?

On average, how many hours do you exercise every day?

How many glasses of water do you drink per day? (Please Specify. Note: 1 liter = approximately 4 glasses)

How many meals do you eat every day?

Do you eat un-cooked items such as fruits, salads, sprouts, vegetables and fibre every day?

How many hours do you sleep at night?

After doing Oil Pulling, did you find any improvements in the following? (Select all that you found an improvement with)

In addition, if you have derived any benefits from Oil Pulling, please mention the diseases cured, the time it took for the cure and the type of medical treatment you were taking during the period. Please specify each benefit on a separate line.

If there are any diseases that have not been cured or have gotten worse, please specify the disease not cured or the reaction you have had and the type of medication you were using while doing Oil Pulling. Use a separate line for each condition.

If you have done Oil Pulling for some time and have since stopped, please specify why.

Please describe any additional experience you have had with Oil Pulling.

About You (Age in years):
About you (Sex):

About you (Weight) - Indicate whether the weight is in Kgs or lbs:

About you (Height) - Indicate whether the height is in centimeters or in inches:

About you (Diet):

About you (Profession) (If your choice is not listed, please specify in the text box):

About you (Location) - Specify City, State and Country where you live:

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