How OP Spread

Telugu Book Cover

Telugu Book Cover

One of my pamphlets ‘Do you want to be Healthy’ fell into the hands of the staff of Andhra Jyothi, a Telugu daily news paper from Hyderabad. They found its effectiveness in a short time and published articles on “(Adbhuta Chikitsa) – Wonderful Therapy – Oil Pulling (OP)” written by me in their Sunday special for three years from October 1993 to September 1996. Every Sunday the articles in Telugu News paper appeared under the above headlines. Continued publication in every Sunday supplement of Andhra Jyoti made it popular and the response of public was described as a “Health Movement” in Andhra Pradesh. Thousands practised and some wrote their experiences which were also published in the paper.

A book in Telugu and its translations in Tamil and Kannada also were published under the name Oil Pulling – Wonderful Therapy as heading in all publications on the subject and is the reason for continuing to use the same name. Articles on OP and interviews with me on OP were published in English and regional language newspapers at various times during the last few years.

I have with me more than a 1200 testimonials from people after practising OP. Most of them narrate how they suffered without relief but were cured only by OP. I had the good fortune to meet a number of people who had personally related their experiences regarding cures of diseases during my lecture tours to propagate OP, in India in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, other cities in India and to a few in US.

You can find more information on Newspaper articles and books written on Oil Pulling here: Books, newspaper articles and other references on Oil Pulling.

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